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Now more than ever is important to be mindful and feel that you are living in a healthy home/office. We need to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. Our team has developed a process that was made for this unprecedented time.Using products, equipments and procedures that makes your living space healthier and helps to stop the spread.

We realize that everyone is getting tired of the Covid, but we just need to hang on a little bit longer and keep the good habits going. At your request our team can disinfect your home with "Benefect" a product proven to remove %99.99 of baterias.   

Let us disinfect your home or office

We use Benefect decon 30 that will kill 99.99% of all the present bacterias in your home or office. 

How does it work? 

  • Our team will be dressed with proper PPE and respiratory mask to gently spray the liquid all over your house.

  • After the product is applied, our team will wipe all surfaces and floors to remove the leftover product. 

  • You will need to provide at least 6 hrs for the application and cleaning. 

How much does it cost ?

  • For residential it can cost between $150-300 a clean. 

  • Offices and other commercial spaces - 0.14 cents a SF.

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